Q: Who is the insurer?

A: Depending on the State in which you operate, either: Conifer Insurance Company A. M. Best rated B++, or Acceptance Indemnity Insurance Company rated A-

Q; Is the Premium charged subject to audit?

A; No; however, prior to renewal you will be required to update you application and disclose any changes that may increase of decrease your premium the following year.

Q: Are there certain policy exclusions and exceptions that I should be aware of?

A: All insurance policies contain exclusions. Our coverage is quite broad as compared to the industry standard,, although it is important to note that we do not cover true security guard operations on the investigator policy. (We do offer coverage on a security guard policy form, though.)

Q: Will you make the necessary fillings with my State licensing authority to keep me in compliance with my license?

A: Yes, this in included in your service fee.

Q: Do you have a premium charge for standard requests for your clients that require a certificate of insurance?

A: No, However your customers may require additional coverages and/or wording to comply with their requirements. Some more common request and premium associated with them are listed below:

- Additional Insured status on you policy: $50 annually (blanket for all requests)

- Wavier of subrogation: $50 annually (blanket for all requests)

- Primary and non contributory: $50 annually ( blanket for all requests)

- Hired and non owned automobile coverage: $100 annually

Q: Do you provide coverage for executive protection?

A: Yes, if disclosed on application and with the exception of athletes, entertainers and celebrities without prior approval.

Q: Your premiums are lower than I see offered by a lot of the competitors, how can you provide this?

A: We seek only highly qualified individuals and companies, and partner with some of the predominate trade groups in the country. By doing so, we are confident we are exposed to less risk than some of our competitors that may charge much higher rates.

Q: Do you offer workers compensation coverage?

A: In some states, but not all; please check with our office.

Q: Does your policy provide coverage if I shoot someone?

A: Yes, for business related labilities that are a result of use of a firearm. For personal concealed carry coverage go to www.insure-justice.com

Q: Do you specialize in providing coverage to the security and investigative industry?

A: Yes, Acrisure/ The Campbell Group, one of the largest independent agencies in the country, has specialized in this area for nearly 20 years, and has well over 1,000 clients in the investigate/security industry throughout the country.